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Why Diversity Matters

Heaven will consist of every nation, tribe and tongue; therefore, we want to reflect that diversity. Even though we are people from many backgrounds and cultures, we find unity in God. We are a faith community without borders, a people on a mission, a multiplying body, a blended group! We know Indy Needs Diversity.

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Want to be honest with yourself?

Take our Diversity Quiz to discover just how diverse your lifestyle really is. You’ll also get tips on how to bring diversity into your life and relationships.




Three evenings in January that will start an ongoing conversation in your life. You’ll see and hear the heart of our movement through music, spoken word, and questions & responses from our guest speakers.


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Watch these powerful messages on who we are and how we respond to bringing diversity into our city.

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D- Divinely Inspired- God so loved the WORLD, so we are inspired to do the same. 

I- Inspiring to Others- People will be inspired by our reflection of heaven.

V- Variety- Every neighborhood is different and the way we meet needs must be as well.

E- Excellent Execution- We aren't just talking about Diversity, we are being about it.

R- Relationships- Building diverse relationships will strengthen people.

S- Soul Searching- We are constantly examining ourselves in the light of love.

I- Inclusive- Our arms will always be open to anyone.

T- Togetherness- Diversity without Unity is Division.

Y- Youthful- Whether we are older or younger, our youth is being renewed and used to reach the next generation.

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What does Diversity Church believe and teach?

View our BELIEFS here

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