The I in Indy - The Nap In Indianapolis

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Indy is probably the most popular nickname for Indianapolis, but right behind it is the nickname, “NAP TOWN.” It got this name because before the Pacers, The Colts, or the beautiful downtown… It was “Indianoplace!” As I was doing research, the downtown city at one point didn't have much going for it and it was like the city was asleep at 5:30pm. So it got the name NAP-Town.

The City has definitely awakened more in business and commerce, but has fallen asleep in the area of morality, righteousness, justice, love and other things… And It's the church's responsibility to take the resurrection life that we celebrate on Easter to help us wake up and help Nap town do the same! Ephesians 5:14 tells us to “Awake you that sleep! Arise & Light up!”

Three Things To Do To Wake Up Nap Town

one . Set The Alarm

Wake up… In order for us to wake up, we need an alarm.

I don't know about you, when I need to wake up for an important meeting early in the morning, I NEED AN ALARM! In order for the Church In Nap Town to wake up so we can help the city of Nap Town Wake up, WE NEED AN ALARM!

For Paul, when He was in Athens, He got an alarm that helped him awaken the Same Spirit that Raised Jesus from the dead in him. Acts 17:16 says Paul’s Spirit Was disturbed/ALARMED! When he saw the city given to Idolatry!

What Alarms you in our city? For Paul, it was the Idolatry in Athens.

*Indianapolis ranks 12th in violent crimes & 28th in murder in the U.S.

*More than 1 and 5 residents of Indy live in poverty

*403 people overdosed in Indy in 2017

*There are enough kids in our foster system to fill Bankers Life Field house.

*Around 60% of our residents are unchurched.

Whatever Alarms you is your wakeup call to do something in this city!

two . Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

Arise… How many of you know that you can have an alarm go off, but then hit the snooze button and continue to stay in bed? Many times God gives us the alarm, but we press snooze and fail to rise up. The church staying asleep in our buildings, is what it would be like if Jesus stayed dead in the tomb! This is precisely why some churches look more like a grave than like heaven!

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We have RESURRECTION LIFE from a Resurrected Lord! But that Power isn't activated unless we rise up and do something like leave the 4 walls of our buildings and start engaging our city where they are dead or sleeping!  Proverbs 6:4 says Don’t procrastinate-There’s no time to lose.

three . Turn On The Light

And Christ shall give you light! I don’t know about you, but if I want to wake up early like I did this morning and stay up, I’m going to set my alarm, get out of bed and then turn on the light! Turning on the light helps me stay up and it actually helps others wake up and stay up too! Matthew 5:16 says Let your light shine, so they can see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

2 Things About Shining Your Light

  1. Light Represents Your Good Works!

  2. Your Light Glorifies God!

Christians who don't let their walk match their talk are hiding their light in a dark place-and actually furthering the darkness. If we would actually let our light shine in Indianapolis- this city would wake up! That’s also not just being perfect, it's actually showing what to do when we fall too! That’s light too!

Set the Alarm, stop hitting snooze, and turn on the light! and Nap Town Will Wake Up!

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